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"I want to live so bad, but I’m so terribly sad."
Gia Carangi (via theinevitableeffort)

Abbey Appreciation Post

Abbey has been my best friend since preschool. Her three month anniversary of her death was on the 31st. She committed suicide on May 31, 2014. I wish more than anything I could have her back, hear her laugh, and sit around the bonfire together talking for hours. My life will never be the same, being six houses down from her, driving by her house everyday… 

For those who do not know her, Abbey was 17, she was an amazing artist. Probably one of the most funny, easy going person I’ve ever met. She was loyal, she never left me. Abbey had such good taste in music. She still is and always will be my sister, mine were mean to me growing up so she is the only true sister I have. 

Appreciate those around you, complement someone once a day, someone you don’t even know cause it lifts their spirit. Tell those you love that you love them every day because you never know if that could be the last time. Reach out to those who are depressed, even means the world to me when someone actually asks how I am doing. If you are still in school, you see someone sitting by themselves, not having a partner for a project be that person who makes their day and join them. Thats how Abbey was, she was friends with all kinds of people, and was that person who would talk to that girl/guy in class who didn’t really have any friends. 

If you are thinking of about suicide please call 1.800.273.8255 or1.800.394.HOPE.


Marisa Mell, from Danger: Diabolik, 1968
"But mostly I just stand in the dark field,
in the middle of the world, breathing"
Mary Oliver, ”What Is There Beyond Knowing (via splitterherzen)

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